Having trouble while trying to study for your next exam?Constantly getting up from study table because of the lack of focus and concentration? Well in this article we are going to give you some effective and useful tips of getting your focus power back and to concentrate on studying to get that long desired  'A' in the exam !Let's get in to it then!

1.Set Up A Goal : One of the most important tips to increase focus and to complete work in time is to set up a definite goal! A targetted goal to finish a specific chapter or topic will dramatically increase your focus power and will bring out your best productive version! It will make you more responsible and you will hold yourself accountable for your actions!!Goals help you to stay in a definite path and to not get distracted until you have accomplished it!And after you have accomplished it it will give you a sense of achievment and make you feel a lot relieved! So, next time while you sit to study  make sure you set up specific goal!

2.Keep your cell phone away : Number 1 problem people have while trying to study effectively  is when they constantly check their cell phones to read their social media notifications or other things! This keeps your attention away from your study and because of multitasking you use up your decision power  of brain and make it more fatigue!A study shows that Generation Z (who are born in 1990s-2000s)have an attention span of only 8.25 seconds!Its because of the result of addiction to their smartphone!So keep your cellphones turned off while stitting to study and keep it somewhere away from your reading room! Research has extensively shown that there are negative effects for students in the classroom when they use their cell phones for non-educational purposes!So even in class room you should avoid cellphone to focus on the lectures and tips that teachers are giving!

3.Try to love and enjoy your study topic : Well Steve jobs said on his speech at Stanford "In order to be successful you have to love what you do" Truly this quote has a deep meaning! When you love something deeply' you get the willpower,focus and enjoyment to pursue that thing!You go so deep into it that this process makes you an expert at it!While studying a certain topic,try to enjoy acquiring  the  information! Ask your self questions regarding the topic and give your best to learn that knew skill! Human beings have this ultimate thirst to acquire knowledge so use this thirst as your weapon to succeed!Besides,loving your work can dramatically help you boost your confidence,improve your health,gives you extra energy,and make you want to learn about new things!Most importantly,it's the best tip to focus on your study as there's a saying,'where focus goes,energy flows!Undoubtedly,   

4.Make the proper studying environment : Does this happen to you sometimes, when you sit to study and suddenly you can't find you necessary notes,books or equipment? Becoming frustated you just quit studying and start watching youtube videos! Yes, creating a right studying environment means gathering all your tools and necessary things and keep it right beside you!This keeps you disciplined and helps to focus on study rather than wasting time on unnecessary things like finding stuffs!Besides a quite place away from all noises and distractions is also necessary for studying! Study environment – Student Portal says Study environment means the physical, psychological and social circumstances that are of significance for the students' well-being and how they function in their study situation.So it is one of the vital tips to follow to ensure a proper environment to study to focus more o study!

5.Set up a fixed deadline : To increase your productivity one of the best tips is, you have to first fixed a time frame of 25-30 minutes for each topics! Its because our brain gets tired after these time frames and starts to get distracted from study !So after finishing a study  topic whithin this time frame take a small break and get a little refreshed!This will make you feel a lot better and will help you increase your focus for next session!An important way to achieve important deadlines is to have someone hold you accountable for yor actions to study. Lastly, remember that setting deadlines for yourself is geared to help you finish. Don't create a deadline if you don't intend to achieve it.It is great tip to fix a deadline as it makes you more responsible focus and work hard on you study!

6.Reward yourself : After a long study session reward yourself with something to keep yourself motivated and encouraged every time you sit to study! It will make your self feel energized and cared as forming new habits are often not  very enjoyable! Maybe watch a good movie or have a nice snack, anything that keep your brain feel entertained!According to  155 Ways to Reward Yourself for Completing a Goal or Task having something to look forward to makes it easier to stick with a habit when you’re feeling a lack of motivation (or when you’re simply too tired to get started).So one of the best tips to focus more is rewarding yourself!

So ,these are the 5 studying tips you can apply to bring out the best of your productivity and study more to get that long desired A in the exam! Follow us to get more great contents and tips regarding your everyday life!